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Name; Master. Williams Taylor
Dear Sir/Madan,
I am Master. Williams Taylor, the son of embattled President of war torn Liberia, Mr. Charles Taylor. My Father just stepped down as President of Liberia some months ago, but matters were not helped when UN Special War Crimes Court for Sierra Leone indicted my father for war crimes in June last Year, demanding his prosecution. Currently my father have been granted asylum in Nigeria, but I and my brother ( Charles Junior)relocated immediately in July 2003 to Sao Tome & Principe (Oil enrich island off the coast of West Africa). we are currently in hiding there under new identities, awaiting the outcome of events in my country, and what will become of my father and mother in asylum. The reason is this, during the political crisis some years ago in Sierra Leone (West African Country rich in diamonds), my father was actively involved. Early last year, he entrusted some large quantities of diamonds to my mother. He told her if anything happened to him, we should use it to take care of ourself. Fearing its detection due to the volume, my mother sent me to Traveled to South-Africa with the diamonds for sells (on that instructions) and I sold Them, getting a total of US$35,000,000.00 (Thirty-five Million US Dollars Only).This money I moved through diplomatic channel to a security safe house in Europe for protective custody under a different name. Now, the United Nations are intending freezing all my father' assets and affiliate accounts of his families and the government of Nigeria has refused issuing neither him nor my family any visa to travel out of their country again because of the Current political situation. This is why I need you to please either travel to Europe to claim this money and subsequently deposit it In a reputable bank for onward transfer to your account, or to Instruct the security company to move the funds out of there to any of there Corresponding banks or offices in Europe or Asia for onward Transfer to your account. Once you are able to show your sincerity I will send the necessary correspondence and documentation related to the Transaction to you to affect this. I am also willing to forfeit 30% of The fund, believing you will hold 70% on trust for me and my two Sons until we are able to leave here and join you under new identities. Please note that this is all what my family and I have left and we intend to invest in a profitable business once the money is out of Holland. If you cannot help us, simply destroy and forget I ever contacted you. You can contact me via email (, enclosing your Contacts phone Numbers. May God guide you in whatever you decide, and thank you for taking out Time to read this request. Fondest regards,
Master Williams Taylor.

TEL:27-83-508 5448
I am MR THEMBA KHUMALO, manager of bills/exchange at the foreign remittance department of Standard National Bank Limited, South Africa. I have decided to contact you through this medium based on a business proposal, which will be of mutual benefit to both of us. However, be informed that I discovered your company/person through your country's directory. During a usual bank auditing, we discovered an abandoned sum of US$ 18,500 000:00 (EIGHTEEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS ONLY) in an account that belong to one of our foreign customers (MR ANDREAS GREG) who died along with his entire family on November 1999 in a ghastly car accident. Since we got the information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money, because we can not release it unless some body apply for it as next of kin or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines. Unfortunately, no body has come forward to claim this money. It is based on this that some officials in my department and I have decided to establish a cordial business relationship with you, hence my contacting you. If you indicate interest in this affairs, our attorney shall prepare some documents which we shall send to you and your name shall be incorporated as a beneficiary of this fund(NE! XT OF KIN OF MR ANDREAS GREG)The information shall be backdated and put in MR ANDREAS GREG'S FILE . We want you to present your self as the next of kin or relation of the deceased with documents we shall give to you, so that we can release the fund into your account for safety and subsequent disbursement since no body is coming for it. Then again, we do not want the money to go into the government account as unclaimed bill. The banking law and guidelines here stipulates that any account abandoned or dormant for a period of years is deemed closed and all money contained therein would be forfeited to the government treasury account. Now it is being speculated that the above sum will be transferred into the government account as an unclaimed fund on or before SEPTEMBER 2004. The reason for requesting you to present your self as next of kin is occasioned by the fact that the deceased (customer) was a foreigner. The mode of sharing after successful transfer of the money into your nominated account will be: 78% for me and my colleagues and 22% will be given to you for the role you will be expected to play in the whole exercise. If this proposal matches with your inward intention for success and greatness, then you are urged to make a quick response indicating your readiness and interest to participate in the business. I expect your urgent response through my e-mail as indicated above or please send me your private telephone and fax numbers to enable us conclude this transaction soon enough. Please treat this business proposal as strictly confidential for our mutual long-term benefit. Hoping to hear from you very soon. Best Regards

FROM THE DESK:Mr. Joseph Desire Mobutu
Dear Friend,
I am truly looking for someone that will assist me with a business that has to do with my family estate which my late father left behind for us.i am contacting you based on the fact that i want someone that is not known to my family to assist me in this business and this is for security reasons which i will explain to you as we make progress.
I am the first son of the late Joseph Desire Mobutu, the former President of "ZAIRE" now democratic republic of congo . I am presently on political asylum in Nigeria . I got your contact over the internet during my search for a person that will assist me in this business.this became neccessary as i do not want anybody known to me or my family to be associated with this money. I want you to note that this business will benefit both of us and that it is 100% risk free.
I presume you are aware there are financial dispute between my family (THE MOBUTU) and the present civilian Government. This is based on what they believe as bad and corrupt governance on my late father's part. May his soul rest in perfect peace. You may have heard how a lot of my father's bank account in Switzerland and North America has been frozen. Following the outlined reasons, I am soliciting for your esteemed organization's confidential assistance to take custody of Thirty-Seven Million United States Dollars (US$37,000,000.00) and also to front for my family in the areas of business you consider profitable. This Boxes containing the funds have secretly been concealed and deposited with a Diplomatic Security firm where it can easily be taken delivery of by a recommended beneficiary. The consignment containing the funds were shipped as diplomatic items of high values and will be released to you by the Security firm based on my recommendations on that note; you will be presented as our partner who will be fronting for me and my family in any subsequent ventures. My family and i have decided to offer you 10% of the total fund for your assistance if you are able to help us claim the boxes, 5% for any expenses that may be incured during this transaction, and the remaining 85% for my family. Please, I need your entire support and co-operation for the success of this business ventures, your utmost confidentiality and secrecy is highly required, due to my family's present predicament All I need from you is as follows:.
1. Your confirmation of your ability to handle this business for me.
2.your word that you will keep this business as confidential as possible at all times until we conclude this business.
3. Your telephone and fax numbers for communication.
4. Your full permanent address. I sincerely will appreciate your acknowledgement as soon as possible
Please send a mail to my alternative mail box " " to indicate your interest to enable us proceed.
Joseph Desire Mobutu

Dear Sir/
I know you will be surprised to read my letter, but please consider this as a letter from a family in need of assistance. I am (MRS. GLADYS ROSSMAN), the wife of (Brigadier Arnold ROSSMAN) from Angola. I got your contact address from Angolan Chamber of Commerce & Industry in search for a reliable individual / company who can assist my son in transferring a reasonable sum of money abroad to a company / private account. I on behalf of my only son (MR.MAXWELL ROSSMAN)are here solicit for your assistance to transfer the sum of (US$25MILLION) Twenty Five Million United States Dollars deposited by my late husband in a private Security Company in South Africa. Before the death of my husband he was a brigadier in charge of arms and ammunitions procurement for the Angolan Army. In his (Will) he specifically draws my attention to the sum of (US$25MILLION) which he deposited in the safe box in a private Security Company in South Africa. In fact, he said and quoted my beloved wife, I wish to draw your attention to the sum of (US$25MILLION) I deposited the box containing the sum in a Security Company in South Africa. During the war I was dedicated and committed to winning the war against the rebels until I found out that some senior army officials And Government functionaries were busy helping themselves with Government funds and properties and sending them to foreign countries. Due to this, when the former Special Adviser to the President and I were assigned by the President (Jose Eduardo Santos) to purchase arms in South African, we saw this as a golden opportunity to divert the money for our personal use. When we shared the money, I got a total sum of (US$25MILLION). I did this in case of my absence or due to death so that you my son (MAXWELL ROSSMAN) and his two sisters would not suffer. Do not disappoint me, bye for now and God bless you. From these words of my husband as you will understands that the lives and future of my family depend on this fund, and as such I would be very grateful if you can assist us. Now what I would like you to do for the family as an international partner is to help us clear this sum from the Security Company using your name as the beneficiary of the fund. For more information contact my son who is in South Africa with his private phone number:27-83-508 5448, he will relay to you the procedure and requirement of this transaction. Please feel free to contact him with his private E-mail address.E-MAIL : OR through my own E-mail Address: We have agreed to offer you 25% of the total sum for your assistance, 5% will be for any expenses that might be incurred in the course of the transfer and the remaining 70% for my family investment abroad, which you will assist us to materialize. Thanks and God bless. Best regards.
(for the family)

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